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CLEARANCE SALE! Truth or Fashion Dare (& Other Sleepover Games)
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This set of 15, way-cool card games is perfect for sleepovers, camp bunks, the school bus or any other place that BFFs hang out together. Each set includes a super-cute ballpoint pen and the following games:

• Truth of Fashion Dare - Spin the Truth or Dare spinner and read the truth question it lands on. Don’t want to answer it? Then do the dare instead. But be warned, dares are final - and totally embarrassing!

• Spin The Nail Polish - Get five to ten bottles of different colored nail polish. Spin the first bottle on the Spin The Nail Polish card. If it lands on you paint one nail that color. Keep switching bottles until everyone has wild nails!

• Fashion Fill-Ins - Fill in the blanks to finish each of the six hysterical stories about fashion faux-pas! Stories are: “A Day At The Beach,” “Amusement Park,” “Homecoming Dance,” “Shopping Spree,” “Talent Show” and “Fashion Nightmare.”

• Fashion Cootie Catchers - Make your own cootie catcher, but instead of predicting your future, these Fashion Cootie Catchers will tell you what to wear today! Will you look like a super-model or a super-goofus? Only the cootie catcher knows for sure.

• MASH Prom - This twist on the classic MASH (Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House) game predicts your future PROM destiny. Who will you go with, who will be the king and queen, and will the Prom be held at a MASH (Museum-Aquarium-School-Hotel)?

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