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MASH/Quizzler Sleepover Pack
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MASH & Quizzlers Sleepover Tin - Double Party Pack!

This totally-stylin' and retro tin comes jam-packed with enough Fortune-Telling Games and Personality Quizzes to keep your sleepover party rockin' all night!

This double party pack contains two classic BFF Frendz Pakz:

MASH (Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House) & Other Fortune Telling Games! MASH is a classic pencil and paper game that BFFs play to predict their futures. If you've never played it, the idea is that you can predict who you will marry, how many children you'll have, and other future events, including whether you'll live in a MANSION, an APARTMENT, a SHACK or a HOUSE. There are also several other fun "destiny" quizzes inside. Including:LHFM (Love-Hate-Friendship-Marriage), TRUE LOVE, AEIOU and The Truth & Nothing But The Truth. Each set comes with 17 games and a super-cute, mini-ballpoint pen.

Personality Quizzlers - COOL PERSONALITY QUIZZES IN A BOX! A collection of seven, eight-question, magazine style, personality quizzes on accordion cards. Six BFFs can answer quizzler topics like:

- Is Your Life A Drama or Comedy?

- What's Your Coolest Quality?

- Are You Pop Or Punk Rock?

- Are You A Control Freak?

- Are You A Material Girl?

- Are You Pop, Punk or Rock?

- Are You A People Pleaser?

Quizzlers were written by a quiz-miester from a famous teen magazine and an award-winning television writer of shows like "Saved By The Bell" so as far as the tween sensibility goes, these quizzes are right on the money. Each set comes with six sets of ID Stickers and a super-cute, mini ballpoint pen.

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