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CLEARANCE SALE! My Best Friend (a pet owner's journal)
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Help your kids be responsible for their pets!!

Remember when you were a kid and you got your first dog or cat? Don’t you wish you had an album full of the photos, drawings and fun things you used to do with him or her? Well, today’s kids don’t have to wish!

Introducing... My Best Friend (a pet-owner’s journal) : a super fun, journal/photo album/scrapbook to help children of all ages keep track of their pets’ lives.

Whether for a dog, cat, hamster, or iguana, My Best Friend (a pet-owner’s journal) is the purrr-fect way to keep track. Using colorful and funny animal graphics, this unique gift-book helps young pet-owners keep track of important information like

• Paw/Hoof/Claw/Scale/Fin Prints

• Pet Peers of the Year

• Tricks, Talents & Special Skills

• Pet-Toids

But owning a living animal isn’t just about changing the batteries when they beep! It’s a huge responsibility. That’s why My Best Friend (a pet-owner’s journal) has the owner sign a contract, promising to take good care of his or her new pet. Then, pages with Animal Care Tips, Veterinary Records, License Information, and Family Tree, help them to really take care of their new best friend.

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